Why Worry?

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stop worryI'm happy much of the time, because I like how it feels. I do things I love because it's fulfilling. I hang around people that move me in some way, because I enjoy connection. I especially love to laugh, so I do things that are fun and playful. I work with clients that I enjoy. I speak on topics that get me excited. 

One thing I don't do is worry since it does not align with feeling good and enjoying my life. I saw a quote this morning about worry that grabbed my attention in the moment and stuck with me all day ......"Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want".

This is elegant in its simplicity. When we worry, we are fabricating a scary story in our minds. If we are in a state of worry, then that means the story we're telling ourselves is not a happy one. It is surely not one that exemplifies hope or a positive outcome. In worry situations, we use our fantastic imaginations to create one or more frightening scenarios of what could possibly 'go wrong'. Before long, we are believing in our own story and then worry it may come true. As we build on worry our fears sprout like weeds in a spring garden and can soon overcome us. Any sense of peace, calm, happiness, and especially joy, are dashed.

You may be thinking that if you tell yourself a "happy story" rather than a "worry story", you may not be prepared for the imagined disaster. Since we never know for sure, exactly what will happen next, I subscribe to the belief that the better I am feeling in any given moment, the better I can deal whatever happens next.

One more piece to this simple equation is if you ascribe to the power of attraction then your negative, scary, made up worry story will actually attract that which you don't want.

Even if you don't believe you create your own experience in life, worry will never feel good. Since that is true, why do it?