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Stress-Free Leadership Workshop

Participants will:
• See themselves as leaders and responsible for moving their department forward,
even if they don’t have a leadership title
• Be able to identify at least 3 relationship-building strengths that were previously
• Take responsibility for how they contribute both positively and negatively to the
atmosphere of their workplace
• Learn how to bring out the best in others by identifying the qualities that
make each individual a unique asset to the team
• Learn how to minimize office drama and resolve conflicts while gaining trust
and respect
• List personal hooks and triggers that make them vulnerable to negativity, and one
or more sure-fire ways to side-step those hooks
• Use two or more of the powerful communication strategies practiced in the
session to facilitate positive outcomes
• Learn the 5 components of TRUST to elicit cooperation from co-workers and
• Practice new strategies of awareness to mitigate stresses and move through
challenges with greater ease and with a higher level of productivity


Expected Outcomes:

-Discover new strengths you didn't know you had
-Learn new strategies and tools to reduce stress
-How to resolve any conflict
-How to keep your balance when life gets tough
-Enhanced communication skills
-Powerful teamwork insights & secrets
-Inspiring those around you to top performance

Material based on presenters' book, Heartfelt Leadership: Creating a Culture of Connection

Corning NY: September 17 - 18, October 16 - 17 and  November 7 - 8

Call Kate @570-439-2004. to register.


LIfe Mastery 1

Two days of eliminating blocks so you can manifest your best self.

Locking in your worth and your power to make desired, miraculous changes in yourself and in 10 major areas of your life. Leave with complete confidence, the absence of fears, a strong community of support, and strong relationships with like-minded people. Kate and David share their greatest secrets to happiness and peace. Is it time for you to finally get what you want out of life? If your answer is yes, call us.

Workshop Dates:

Periodic dates throughout the year.

Contact Kate or David for more info.


Investment: $1,500.



Life Mastery 2

After clearly being able to see your own magnificence in Life Mastery 1

Spend two days with Kate and David acquiring the tools and support to bring your powerful and positive influence to the world. For those who enjoy peace over stress, learn to lead yourself and others confidently in a purposeful and meaningful direction. Claim your power to influence the world in ways that really matter.

Workshop Dates:

Periodic dates throughout the year.

Contact Kate and David for more info.


Investment: $1,500.


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