We train leaders to have their most powerful impact. Our approach is Heartfelt Leadership that stimulates cooperation and collaboration while eliminating drama and negativity.

"When relationships don't work, the business doesn't work"

Healthy, cooperative work relationships are the foundation of your successful business. Countless business owners are now seeing that productivity and profits are gutted by interpersonal conflicts on the job. In fact, research shows you are leaving up to 37% of additional revenue on the table if you are not insisting on outstanding relationship skills from your team.

Stimulating Self-Motivation on a Team

The “Triumph” magic occurs within a team when each team member is introduced to the secrets of accessing peace, harmony, compassion, and joy through self-awareness. When people are awake, aware, and intentional with their behaviors, transforming a negative workplace into positive relationships becomes certain and natural. The reason why is simple: Kindness and mutual respect elicit the best performance from employees.

Unhappy Workers Are Costing You Money!

Triumph Leadership Group transforms business cultures from mayhem to harmony. We do this by developing programs and trainings that propel business productivity through passionately committed employee collaboration. Leaders leave our trainings Inspired to be positive change-makers, excited to transform their teams to perform at their best. Positivity is contagious,

You're Not Alone!

Your time is too valuable to be distracted by staff problems, and your business dream is too important to throw away due to senseless staff drama and negativity. Our workshop trainings and follow-up support make your workplace the smooth and efficient system you’ve been wanting. We can hardly wait to partner with you to create the work environment you have always dreamed about.

It’s All About Results

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About Kate & David

What’s Unique About Kate and David’s Work?

Kate and David reach people where it counts – in their hearts. Participants are guided to focus on their most commanding strengths in a way that ignites their commitment to the company mission. Inspired employees ensure business success because they see how their personal contributions are essential to reaching company goals. The distinctive process of Kate and David’s work helps each valued employee become truly aligned with his or her personal best.

Would you like to be a Fulfillionaire™?

To be truly fulfilled is to experience abundance in every area of your life . . . not just your bank account. It is about living in joy, fulfillment and purpose! If this sounds like you. . . Join the club!

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