I have been to many leadership training events and have even led some myself. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what was going to happen to me over the two days of Stress-Free Leadership. Terms like “Rocked my boat” kept coming to mind. I’ve been a leader for many years, and I can honestly say that every session contained information that I needed to learn or needed to understand to a higher degree. With charismatic and loving people leading the way, you will leave the event with a guaranteed life change. Worth. Every. Single. Penny.

Jeff Harmon, Chief Operating Officer

Family Life, Bath, NY

I just want to say thank you for this training. This is the best training I have ever attended. I appreciate that I know myself a bit better now and have already begun implementing the tools we have learned to be stress free. I was just telling my boss and team that I was actually sad we didn’t get to go back for a third day!

Christal Tharp

Repsol, Horseheads, NY

Kate & David are unquestionably the best in the business. Their unique method of delivery will leave their lessons imprinted in your mind forever. Their training is the best “gift” you could give yourself.

Pam Burrous

Operations Supervisor

Eastern Gas Transmission and Storage

Thanks again for an amazing 2 days! Best training I’ve been a part of by far! Got so much out of it and walked away realizing the Lord has already equipped me for this job; I just wasn’t utilizing those traits as well as I could be! THANK YOU GUYS A HUNDRED TIMES FOLD!!!

Rodney Coe

Theatre Arts Director Family Life, Bath, NY

This experience was very inspiring and touched the core of my being. The Heartfelt Leadership training has definitely helped make me a better leader to my team. I am forever grateful for the experience and the kind hearts of David and Kate.

Shannon Sawyer

Assistant General Manager Hilton Garden Inn, Corning, NY

I wanted to jump out of my chair and get started on using my natural gifts in ways I never have before. I now feel so much more confident in handling difficult conversations. David and Kate will inspire you to take hold of your professional and personal life and ultimately, push you to live a joy-filled life.

Brook Wise

Community Development Manager American Cancer Society

“I’ve been to a lot of leadership trainings…this brought it all together for me…the light went on.”

Jim Hamilton

Birkshire Hathaway Energy

I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVED the Heartfelt Leadership Training. I am implementing all of the wonderful skills that I learned and having a much lower stress level. Thank you so much for developing this training and delivering it in a way that is relaxed, safe, and interactive. It was a very relaxing and serene environment.          The whole experience was amazing, transformational, and educational. I have already begun implementing the techniques I learned and I am amazed at how others are responding.

Belinda M. Hoad, MBA

Executive Director, Institute for Human Services, Inc

WOW!!! What an amazing two days. I have never felt so comfortable with a group of "strangers" so quickly before. I left feeling Refreshed, Enlightened and Grounded.

"DON'T miss an opportunity to attend, the work will be there when you get back but the stress won't. This training is transformative, keep an open mind and an open heart and it will change your world!"

Michael D. Zinck

Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.

This was by far the best training that I have ever been to. It was absolutely uplifting, and personal. David and Kate made it possible for all of us to share by making us feel safe and important. This course has changed my life and way of thinking of myself and others, Thank you both for an absolutely wonderful two days. I will be sure to look for more opportunities to learn from the both of you.

Tina Walden

Mobility Manager

Institute for Human Services, Inc.

I feel so light! It’s as if when I walk out of here I will float away! It has been the best two days I have had since I’ve been an adult!

Erin Devine


Stakeholder Resolution Center Administrator

When I first heard about this course, Stress-Free Leadership, I laughed, but after experiencing it, I get it. It works! I really look forward to putting all of the great information that I learned to use in my job and in my life.

David Stryker

Program Supervisor, Arbor Housing and Development

A commanding presence that holds one’s attention throughout the course; never a dead moment. They are extraordinary representatives of leadership.

Mike Gordon

California Department of Transportation

Kate & David have come up with just the right formula for creating an environment where people feel comfortable tapping into the greatness within themselves. They are warm and caring trainers who bring out the best in their participants…For me, the work I have put in via various Triumph Leadership Group seminars, including their Life Mastery Program, has been a true life-changer. I have much more confidence and constantly find myself referencing & employing their nuggets of wisdom or unconsciously applying one of Kate & David's leadership concepts. I suggest you make an investment in yourself and your team members and get started with this training ASAP. The ROI will come back to you tenfold!!!

Susan Graver

Wellsboro, PA

Stress-free leadership was probably one of the most useful, practical, and engaging leadership trainings I have ever been a part of. David and Kate do a fantastic job of meeting you where you’re at and helping you walk away a better version of yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and the tools I learned have already been put to work in countless ways. I especially enjoyed the small, intimate setting of the training. It felt like I was receiving personalized training the entire time!

Mike Heyd

Family Life, Bath NY

I spent two days of connecting with myself and with others in a way that helped me as a leader, not only at work, but at home as well. Using the techniques that were presented have helped me remain calm in tense situations and have helped me to connect with staff, clients and even my teenage children. I will be forever grateful for the lessons learned and can’t wait to learn more from Kate and David.

Shanna VanPatten

Program Director

Preschool/Pre-K Age Level Specialist

"Heartfelt leadership inspired me to step back and view myself and my relationships from a perspective of presence and compassion. Kate and David make vulnerability into fun and engaging playtime. Fears, frustrations, and insecurities simply melt away in this class…"

Kim Gridley

Planning Specialist, Tioga County, PA

David and Kate are clearly experts, yet they teach in a way that makes attendees feel like the most important people in the room. I found the workshop to be eye-opening and fulfilling. I left with a much better picture of who I am and how I want to lead.

Lisa Hall Zielinski

Director, University of Scranton Small Business Development Center

This is the best training I’ve ever experienced! Upbeat, Moving, and Personal. I felt like I was a person not a client

right from the start. I have used heartfelt leadership skills since attending the class; I have had a more positive attitude, been in a happier

mood, and shrugged off little things that used to bother me before. I am a better person today for meeting Kate and David, and will continue to use their teachings as a means of good leadership.

Scott E. Beebe

Dominion Energy Transmission Inc.

My experience was absolutely ground-breaking for me. It was an honor to be in that room with so many amazing individuals! We all owned it and rocked it! Kate and David have a way of truly opening your eyes to the potential we all have. They provide tools to be able to rediscover yourself. I will be forever grateful! Thank you again Kate and David for facilitating such a calming, safe space!

Taylor Weaver

First Commonwealth Bank, Williamsport

Awakening, Refreshing, Warming ~ David and Kate’s relationship with one another made this experience so much more unique and engaging than I could have ever

expected. They’re energy and cues with one another are what really made the experience something to learn from and grow…feeling ready to be a game-changer in the workplace.

Meghan Beardsley

Analyst, Customer Logistics, American Cancer Society

Engaging, Empowering, Refreshing. I have no words for the beauty and truth I found in myself with your teaching methods. You are fascinating to watch together, brilliant.

Ann Holleran,

Dairy Farmers of America

I found this workshop to be empowering, encouraging and lifechanging!

I believe this experience will make a world of

difference in my leadership, specifically in my abilities to role model positivity, respect, and personal connections.

Jaclyn Woollett, Ph.D.

Thank you for the great opportunity of attending your seminar! So powerful, inspiring and enlightening! You two are contagious! I loved every minute of it!

Sherrie Sargent, Regional Office Manager, AAA North Penn, Williamsport, PA

My perspective and approach to leadership has changed. I already feel more relaxed, and take things less personally, and know how to help my workers tell me what they need to perform at their best.

Lori (Lyons) Patterson, M.Ed., NCC Associate Director, Lycoming College Williamsport, PA

What was unique about the workshop was the obvious impact it had on everyone that attended. I was impressed by how engaged and applicable the presentation was to everyone there though we were from all types of work settings. It was encouraging, inspirational, and uplifting.

Mary Jarreau

Business Owner, Pensicola, FL

My three highlights: I felt humbled, enlightened, and cared for. The teaching by David and Kate was very collaborative, inclusive and was much more FUN than most workshops.

Michael Detweiler

Mansfield Borough Mayor, Mansfield, PA

Introspective, Fun, Safe ~

David & Kate have an energy and synergy that works well together. They communicate ideas and concepts in a variety of ways, which helps all types of learners understand and relate to the message being conveyed.

Renee Potter

Controller, Mansfield University, Mansfield, PA

Taking this course has been life changing for me and I am just getting started on practicing what I learned. I have already paid myself back in leaps and bounds by being less stressed and being in-service to others.

Tea Jay Aikey, President & CEO, Central PA Chamber

This education was inspiring and fun! What I observed in Kate and David’s teaching was the complete flow of energy between each other. The excitement of their presentation was contagious and joyful. They were able to go with the flow and make adjustments as needed. They are very inspiring and great fun to be with.

Lee Anne Dolan Dandridge, TN

Inspiring, hopeful and awakening! ~

I always felt completely included in the discussion and the lessons. I am now much more aware of the uniqueness in each of us and will respond accordingly in working with my team.

Sue Guss

Lead Lab Tech, Dairy Farmers of America, Wellsboro, PA

Incredible! Stress-Free Leadership was life changing for me! Kate and David were very personable, joyful, passionate, caring and funny! It was great to be part of a small group and to not have to stare at Power Point slides for two days. I am now determined to be a fearlessly authentic leader, not just as a manager, but as a human being!

Amanda M. Stuart

Center Manager, Nonnie Hood PRC Corning, NY

“It’s not often, if ever, that anyone has an opportunity to attend a seminar or training where the facilitators present from the heart and the heads! David and Kate have nailed

it! They have a heartfelt way of engaging their audience while the listener’s inner self is enlightened and

awakened. Powerful, Engaging, Enduring.”

Kimberly Womeldorf

Director of Programs & Services. Roads to Freedom CILNCP

Positive, Inspiring, Amazing. This workshop and it’s facilitators are amazing! The workshop is very interactive and gave me the tools to be my best self.

Krystle Blencowe, M.S.Ed

Director, Steuben Rural Health Network Institute for Human Services, Inc.

Awakened, Inspired, Pleasantly Surprised ~

This training has slowed me down, allowing me to be a better leader.

Frank Miller, Plant General Manage,

Panda Patriot, Montgomery, PA

I have never been to a workshop with such highly personalized teaching methods. David and Kate welcome and support everyone’s participation and have a wonderful bond and style of interaction with each other, allowing us all to relax and enjoy the process.

Cat Mulcahey

Learning Specialist and Academic Advisor, Mansfield University

I had a wonderful experience with Kate and David! I couldn't ask for a better pair to inspire me and get me back in alignment with my core self. I feel so refreshed, I am jumping in and signing up for the Life Mastery Course! I can't wait to see what my future will hold having the help and support of Kate and David along the way

Amanda Mahoney

Sales Administrator Radisson Hotel Corning


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