Kate & David are unquestionably the best in the business. Their unique method of delivery will leave their lessons imprinted in your mind forever. Their training is the best “gift” you could give yourself.
"Heartfelt leadership inspired me to step back and view myself and my relationships from a perspective of presence and compassion. Kate and David make vulnerability into fun and engaging playtime. Fears, frustrations, and insecurities simply melt away in this class…"

This is the best training I’ve ever experienced! Upbeat, Moving, and Personal.  I felt like I was a person, not a client, right from the start.  You brought a unique method by making me feel as if I were part of your family. 

With leadership classes I’ve taken in the past, you are forced to sit and listen with little ability to discuss your situation.  Kate and David let you speak at will, and use your personal situation to educate everyone on how you could resolve a problem or deal with a certain situation.  I never felt scared to be open with this type of teaching, and I never looked at my watch once!

I have used heartfelt leadership skills since attending the class; I have had a more positive attitude, been in a happier mood, and shrugged off little things that used to bother me before. I am a better person today for meeting Kate and David, and will continue to use their teachings as a means of good leadership. 

I sure will be looking for opportunities to attend more of your classes.

Awakening, Refreshing, Warming. David and Kate’s relationship with one another made this experience so much more unique and engaging than I could have ever expected.  They’re energy and cues with one another are what really made the experience something to learn from and grow…feeling ready to be a game-changer in the workplace.

“It’s not often, if ever, that anyone has an opportunity to attend a seminar or training where the facilitators present from the heart and the heads!  David and Kate have nailed it!  They have a heartfelt way of engaging their audience while the listener’s inner self is enlightened and awakened.  Powerful, Engaging, Enduring.”

Kate and David engaged the participants without the use of detailed PowerPoint slides and not only encouraged but facilitated open dialog from each participant.  The small group helped with that level of introspection from each person making the experience more valuable on a more personal level.  Both were very laid back, knowledgeable, personable, and non-judgmental.  I appreciated the open space, so to say, for participants to share situations from their own workplace. 

Engaging, Empowering, Refreshing. I have no words for the beauty and truth I found in myself with your teaching methods. You are fascinating to watch together, brilliant.

David and Kate are up close and personal people. They are very intuitive and have the ability to focus very quickly. How they engage with people is kind, caring, and intentional. I would absolutely recommend the Triumph Leadership Group as trainers for leaders and teams.

One of the first things that struck me with Kate and David’s training was how much communication took place before the date of the workshop. They were very thorough in making sure they were as prepared as possible to meet the specific needs of our agency and of the people who would be attending. I am in a unique position to interact with each of the participants on a regular basis and I have seen the development of positive change within the agency. It started with the participants in this workshop and has grown slowly outward ever since. I have no doubt this training was the best presentation we have had at the agency since I began my career here and I would not hesitate to ask Triumph back again!

Out of 280 responses, Kate and David received 275 ‘excellent’ ratings for their breakout work with our teachers and administrators.

I contracted with Triumph Leadership to provide a department retreat for the staff of Laurel Behavioral Health. Following this workshop, I received more positive feedback from the staff than I have from any other training.

I have worked with Kate and David on two occasions to provide training to our division employees. Employees that attended this leadership course were so impressed with the training that they have developed a monthly meeting where they check in and report to each other on how they are using the skills taught in the class.

"This was a priceless experience. I could not have bought it for any amount of money.”

"The difference you've assisted me to make in my life is nothing short of a miracle...”

A commanding presence that holds one’s attention throughout the course; never a dead moment. Kate and David are extraordinary representatives of leadership.

Practicing “Heartfelt Leadership” daily helps that dull star give off an incredible flare, increasing its brightness.  Appoint yourself the Chief Heartfelt Officer (CHO); watch worker brilliance become the norm.

“Heartfelt Leadership was one of the best leadership courses I have ever attended.”


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